Managing conflict in your community, or challenging anti-social behaviour can be difficult at times. Our emotions often get in the way, and our responses can be too timid, or too aggressive. When witnessing anti-social behaviour, many people are reluctant to get involved because they’re concerned for their own personal safety, or they’re anxious about making a situation worse.

Dfuse provides training on how to respond safely and confidently to the tense situations faced in many neighbourhoods every single day. Experts will provide you with all the tips and skills you need, and help you to identify when you can resolve a situation on your own – and when you might need support from the police, a landlord, or the Local Authority.

Dfuse has teamed up with Victory Housing to create this online space where all the information you need is readily available to. So if you’re faced with conflict or anti-social behaviour and aren’t sure how to handle it – or where to seek help – this site will be your first point of call. Conflicts in all their contexts might be an unavoidable part of life, but many can be resolved peacefully and safely without causing harm to those involved. You just need to know how.